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Admit it - data dominates our lives. How do we make sense of it all? I have attempted to answer that question for myself and busineses by honing my data analysis and visualization skills. I enjoy finding open data sources or creating my own to examine the world around me using Excel, SQL, or Tableau.

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You will find (fun!) longform write-ups below related to subjects I am interested in.

Board Games

I decided see if I could use my analysis skills to look at the data BoardGameArena provides to see where I can improve. Let's take a look!


Not good. Not great. It's not a nuclear meltdown but let's see why I'm not doing so well at the most popular board game ever made.


Football, futbol, Fu├čbol, calcio. Whatever you want to call it, I've combined my interest in the sport with data analysis to try and answer some questions I've had.

Top EPL Transfers

A look at how transfer fees of players in the English Premier League have trended since the beginning of the league in 1992 to 2021, with adjustments for inflation.

Top 5 EPL Transfers (2010-2020)

This analysis builds off the previous and zooms out to look at the top five transfers both into and out of the EPL from 2010-2020.