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Technical Writing

I love writing and managing technical documentation. Every organization I worked with has benefited from that passion.

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Online Documentation / UX Writing

I assisted a former colleague with product and user experience research for his startup. In addition, I am writing the documentation for the website. The startup is a B2B platform that performs budget and personnel tracking for the visual effects industry. It has not launched online yet but samples of my work are available below.

Tools: Markdown, VS Code


For Santear, I wrote the copy to be used on the landing page as well as other pages that would face a general audience.

View/download samples here.

Example screenshot:

Copywriting Sample

Employee Training

This is a training workflow for a healthcare organization I worked for. It is meant to be used by an experienced employee to onboard a new employee in their first week. The previous one was outdated and difficult to follow. I re-wrote and tested this one. Links and specific names of people and groups have been removed for security.

A screenshot is displayed below. Download the pdf here.

Onboarding Guide Sample