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Getting Started

Setting Up an Organization

The organization is the framework that contains everything else within it.

When you set up an organization, you will be required to also set up your location.

On first log in:

Setting Up A Location

After setting up your first organization, you can create your first location.

For example:

The "Display Name" will show you how this will display within your settings after saving. In this case, it will display as Anywhere - 123 Main Street

You will then be taken to a new page where you can fill out the specifics about this location.


The timesheet feature is used by each person to track time spent on a project or projects.

Beginning a New Timesheet

Editing a Timesheet

What happens if you made a mistake and need to fix your timesheet after submitting?

No need to worry!

Note: If timesheet submissions have been "Approval Locked" (see [Locks](link to locks)), then a designated administrator or timekeeper will need to edit the timesheet.


Locks are used to lock timesheets. They provide control over the process of making sure timesheet entries are submitted and processed on time and as accurately as possible.

Using Locks

Locks appear for each facility associated with your organization. At present, you have to manually click to on the buttons to lock them. You can click them in order, from left to right, going from Entry Lock to Approval Lock to Payroll Lock or click ones further to the right to lock everything at the same time.

For example, clicking on Payroll Lock will lock all three.

To unlock, you merely have to click the button once more until it goes back to grey.

Types of Locks

No Locks

Entry Locks

Approval Locks

Payroll Locks